10 Best Mechanical Engineering Apps For Android Users

Among all engineering branches, mechanical engineering is said as an evergreen branch. The engineering students and engineers both search for mechanical engineering apps for android. Nowadays the android phone users have been increased in numbers. The students and the engineers both uses android mobile for their comfort-ability. People all around the world looks at their ease and the revolution in digitization makes more informative to communicate and enhancement.

The different branches of engineers are searches for different kind of apps such as civil engineers search for civil engineering apps, mechanical engineers search for mechanical engineering app, electrical engineers search for electrical engineering apps, structural engineers used to search structural engineering apps. They not only search for android apps. They combined used to search for both androids as well as ios for apple.

Why Mechanical Engineering Apps For Android Is Introduced?

Mechanical engineering apps for android is introduced for its handy comfort and portability. The android apps are very easy to use over the phone. Anytime you can install these apps and uninstall it through google play store. However, by these apps,you can learn the concept of design and create machine by applying the physical laws. We have listed a different kind of mechanical engineering apps for android for your enhancement, checking your ability, knowledge, designing purpose and building the mechanical component on your android mobile.


10 Best Mechanical Engineering Apps For Android Mobile Users

1. Machine Drawing & design

Simple & clean notes of machine drawing & design for mechanical engineering.It almost cover topics which are given below

  • Chapter : 1

Drawing conventions; drawing and dimensioning IS codes, sectional views, and sectioning, surface finish and tolerances, representation of machine parts such as external and internal threads, slotted heads, square ends, and flat radial ribs, slotted shaft, splined shafts, bearings, springs, gears. Rivet heads and Riveted joints, types of welded joints and representation.

  • Chapter : 2

Assembly Machine Drawing: Basic concept, plotting technique, assembly and blow up of parts, bill of materials, product data; Cotter and Knuckle joints, pedestal and footstep bearings, crosshead, stuffing box, IC engines parts – piston and connecting rods; lathe machine parts.

  • Chapter : 3

Introduction to Compute Aided Drafting software for 2D and 3D Modeling, Basic design, concepts, design process, stages/phases in design, flowchart, problem formulation, design considerations (strength, manufacturing, maintenance, environment, economics and safety); design for recycle and reuse, Design and safety factors for steady and variable loads, impact and fatigue considerations, reliability and optimization, standardization in design..

  • Chapter : 4

Design of components subject to static loads: riveted joints, welded joints threaded joints, pin, key knuckle, and cotter joints

Download the App – Machine Drawing & design


2. Basic Mechanical Engineering

it is designed for learning to basics of Mechanical Engineering. which almost cover topics of Mechanical Engineering
which are given below chapter wise.

  • Chapter 1 Materials
  • Chapter 2 Measurement
  • Chapter 3 Fluids
  • Chapter 4 Reciprocating Machines
  • Chapter 5 Thermodynamics

Download the App – Basic Mechanical Engineering

3. Mechanical Engineering Dictionary

With more than 4000 Mechanical Engineering terms, this Mechanical Dictionary will sure cement your conceptual basics of Mechanical Engineering. This app contains various types of Mechanical Calculator to get rid of difficult numerals. This app is full of numerous QUIZZES to brush up your knowledge and challenge your learning.

Main Features –

  • Calculators – Various Mechanical Calculators to get rid of difficult numerals.
  • Contribute – If you think something’s amiss, contribute it!
  • Quiz – Test your mettle in the various fields of engineering.
  • EduBank – Save most frequent terms you need.
  • Autoplay – Listen to all the engineering related terms and its meaning.

Download the App – Mechanical Engineering Dictionary

4. Mechanical Interview Questions

This mechanical engineering app consists of mechanical interview questions with answers which are collected and verified from trusted sources.

  • Answers are crisp and easily understandable and framed under professor guidance.
  • We also ensure the questions are unique and frequently asked in interviews by Ford, Hero MotoCorp, M&M, L&T,
  • PSUs and other renowned mechanical companies.
  • A go through before an interview will fetch you a job.
  • This app will be updated periodically to deliver a lot of questions with crispy answers at your fingertips.
  • No specific permissions required.
  • Less memory space required.

Download the App – Mechanical Interview Questions

5. Thermodynamics Notes

Thermodynamics notes app has been developed based on a need of students before exams and for revision purpose.This app covers all the topics of basic Thermodynamics. Important points to be remembered during any exam and relevant formulas to solve numerical are mentioned in this app. Many points which are important for exam point of view are underlined or highlighted.

Download the App – Thermodynamics Notes

6. NPTEL : Mechanical Lectures

  • Do you like to Learn from watching NPTEL Mechanical LECTURES then this APPLICATION is for you.
  • This Free Engineering NPTEL Lectures application is designed for both engineering students and professors in mind we have taken lots of care in building this MECHANICAL Lectures application for you,
  • This NPTEL Lectures application contains all the subjects videos well organized into a collection.
  • You can watch NPTEL Mechanical videos on-line from within this application.
  • It loads videos and plays videos very smoothly.
  • The best part of this application is that it updates all NPTEL Mechanical videos on daily basis.

Features Provided:

  • This APPLICATION helps you in learning your core subject and is very handy and serves as a guide.
  • We have created each application dedicated to a branch like NPTEL for CSE, NPTEL for ECE, NPTEL for CIVIL, NPTEL for MECHANICAL,NPTEL for EEE, NPTEL for OTHERS.
  • This application is brought to you totally free with the help of few ads.

Download the App – NPTEL : Mechanical Lectures

7. Mechanical Engineering Mag

Mechanical Engineering magazine is the award-winning monthly flagship publication of ASME. Published since 1880, the magazine, and this app, deliver an interdisciplinary view of engineering trends and breakthroughs, giving readers a roadmap to understanding today’s technology and tomorrow’s innovations.

Magazine Features:

  • Current and past issues of Mechanical Engineering magazine.
  • Brilliant replica format, just like the print edition.
  • Text-formatted articles designed for maximum mobile readability.
  • Download each issue and return any time for offline reading.
  • Search the archive of available issues.
  • Bookmark your favorite articles.
  • Share your comments with other readers.

Mechanical Engineering magazine is published by ASME (www.asme.org), founded as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1880. ASME promotes the art, science and practice of multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences around the globe.

Download the App – Mechanical Engineering Mag

8. Mechanical Engineering Exam

Mechanical Engineering Exam Free app exam preparation for your Mechanical Engineering Examination. In Mechanical Engineering Exam app having more than 3500+ multiple choice questions for your Success of Mechanical Engineering Examination. Mechanical Engineering Exam Free app helps you to pass your Mechanical Engineering Examination.

  • Mechanical Engineering Exam App Features:
  • Five practice Quiz modes
  • Check every question Answers and Rationales
  • Easy to use
  • Detailed Quiz results in & Quiz Review for your best practice
  • 3500+ Mechanical Engineering Exam multiple choice questions Bank

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by any Mechanical Engineering Book Publishers.

Download the App – Mechanical Engineering Exam

9. EduQuiz : Mechanical Engineering

These mechanical engineering apps for android offers online test series of multiple choice questions (MCQ) & summary notes on various Mechanical Engineering topics required for competitive exams.

It contains more than 2100 questions covering all topics of Mechanical Engineering like Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat transfer, IC Engine, Pressure Vessels & Engines, Machines, Engineering Materials, Production and Industrial Engineering, Nuclear Power Plants, Engineering Mechanics, and various other miscellaneous topics.

This online Multiple choice questions (MCQ) quiz application offers features like:

  • Theory notes on Mechanical Engineering that covers basic and advanced topics for better learning to perform better in MCQ based competitive exams.
  • Quality test series, Bookmark feature and Revision center for multiple choice questions (MCQ) on Mechanical Engineering.
  • Performance dashboard to evaluate your learnings in a test given for Mechanical Engineering.

This app is especially for:

  • B.Tech and M.Tech engineering students.
  • Aspirants preparing for various competitive exams like GATE , IES etc.

Download the App – EduQuiz : Mechanical Engineering

10. Mechanical Engineering One

Your primary engineering aid in the field, design process, and school. Mechanical Engineering One is designed by an engineer for engineers. One of the most comprehensive engineering tools on the market.

The main goal of the program (mechanical engineering apps for android) is to help you in daily mechanical engineering problems that you may encounter.
It is not only for the mechanical engineers but also for naval architects, civil engineers, HVAC engineers, electrical engineers and for all engineers and students that use some common unit conversions and math.

It has a very simple user interface for you to be able to use in the field.

The application includes various reference tables, calculators, converters. It also has one of the most comprehensive unit converters in the market. All of the tools have both Metric (SI) and Imperial (US) units.

Download the App – Mechanical Engineering One