How Engineers Can Earn Quick Money using RozDhan app?

As an engineer, you might have tried to earn money online. How was your experience? Most of the engineering students try earning money online but fail. There are several reasons for that. First of all, most of the android applications that claim to help you earn money are fake. They fool you via an invite scheme and instead of helping you, you help them increase their downloads.

However, there are some gems that can really help you make money.

One of such apps is RozDhan.

Yes! It’s a legitimate app that will help you earn some decent pocket money on the go. It will not turn you into a crorepati overnight, but will definitely help you earn extra bucks which you can spend on shopping or throwing a party at your hostel.

RozDhan is developed and managed by an Indian company. In this article, I will review the RozDhan apps and guide you through the process of making money online using the android app.

How to Earn Money Online using RozDhan app?

I am sure that you have tried hard finding some legitimate apps on Google Playstore to make money online using your smartphone. And most probably have already tried a copuple of them.

RozDhan is different and the best app to make money.

This app offers you multiple ways to earn money on the go like reading articles, sharing articles, playing games, logging in daily and more.

The first step is to download and install the app using this link and use this invitation code (07AS2K) during signup to receive ₹50 instantly.

After downloading the app, you can follow the various actions described on the screen to earn money. Even if you are not a techie person, you can follow the description and earn money via the RozDhan app.

There are various tasks including playing games, watching and sharing videos, reading and sharing articles and much more. Moreover, you can create your invite code and refer your friends and family to install the app. Users get instant cash for referring new users and the new users also get bonus cash while signing up.

You can earn anywhere between ₹50-₹500 every day if you spend enough time on this application. So, if you manage to earn ₹500 every day, that’s ₹15,000 every month for spending time on your smartphone. Once you reach the ₹200 threshold, you can request your cash to de deposited in your Paytm wallet.

Below are some ways you can earn money on RozDhan app:

Register & Refer

You will get ₹50 Paytm cash on sign up process. You can invite your friends and get 1500 coins are equal to ₹6 Paytm cash. So, invite more friends and earn more coins.

Daily Check-in

You can check-in in daily and get free coins. Below are the details of how many coins you get for logging in daily.

  • 1st day – 20 coins
  • 2nd day – 25 coins
  • 3rd day – 30 coins
  • 4th day – 35 coins + 200 free coins
  • 5th day – 40 coins
  • 6th day – 45 coins
  • 7th day – 50 coins + 300 free coins

Share articles

You can read articles and also share them with your friends on WhatsApp or Facebook and earn up to 100 coins. RozDhan app has tonnes of news articles which you can read and share with your friends.

How to Install & Use RozDhan App?

You can search on the Google Play store for RozDhan app or use this link to download the android application to your smartphone. If you want to install the correct app, make sure that you use the link that we provide to install it.

You can log in using your phone number, Facebook account or your Google account. If you are new to RozDhan, the app will automatically prompt you to signup first before logging in. If you are signing up with your mobile number, you can follow the next step below.

Once the application is installed on your smartphone, you can open the app and register using your mobile number. You can receive the One Time Password (OTP) via SMS on your mobile number or WhatsApp message.

After successful registration of your mobile number, you can choose your preferred language. RozDhan app is available in seven languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.

After successful signup and login, you will be taken to your dashboard. On the dashboard, you can find several ways to earn money online. I have explained all of the methods below in details.

Here are some ways that you can follow to earn money online via the RozDhan app. You can enter your invite code to get INR 25, edit your profile to earn 200 coins and read and watch FAQs to earn 100 coins. Moreover, you can invite your friends to earn up to 1,500 coins, share articles and earn 100 coins from each article.

You can edit your profile and fill your basic details like Date of Birth, Gender, Description, Nickname, Education and update your profile picture to earn 200 coins.

You can add the 6 digit invite code (07AS2K) to get INR 25 instantly. Below is the screen where you have to add your invite code. You can access this screen by finding a link on your dashboard.

You can also check in every day and earn coins. You can see that I checked in at Day 2 and earned 25 coins instantly.

You can read the FAQs to earn 100 coins. Below is the FAQs screen which can be opened by clicking the link from the above screen.

To earn money by reading articles, you can click on the “Refresh” button on the bottom of the screen and read articles curated for you. You can also share the articles while reading them to earn extra coins.

You can also play games to earn money. You can open the Game Center and start playing games from a large collection of amazing games.

To withdraw the money that you earned, you can visit your profile. The screen looks like the picture below. You can see your income history along with other details. To withdraw the money, you have to click on “Withdraw Balance” button.

You can enter your Paytm number to withdraw the money. Remember, your account must have a minimum of INR 200 to be able to withdraw money to your Paytm number. It takes around 72 hours to receive the money.

Contact RozDhan

If you have any problems then read FAQs and if your problem is not covered in FAQs then feel free to contact RozDhan team by writing an email on