Why Should You Be Using AR In The Manufacturing Industry?

If you’ve ever heard of the term augmented reality, it’s easy to associate it with the likes of virtual gaming. However, it should be noted that this form of technology isn’t only wrapped around the gaming industry. As such, it can be easily adapted to several different industries.

This allows the world to experience all that augmented reality has to offer. The manufacturing industry has seen tons of technological advancements that have enabled the industry to remain efficient and even reduce the overall production time required. Have you ever thought of the benefits that are offered using this technology in the manufacturing industry?

Increases The Speed Of Work

Employing persons means that they’re required to learn the skills necessary for manufacturing and assembly. If you’re producing state of the art fighter jets, you’ll need skilled personnel that have undergone years and years of assembly training. With Aircada AR tech, the process can be completed faster using cameras and sensors. In essence, this aids engineers as they use specific instructions to properly assemble the relevant parts.

Solving Problems

As issues suddenly come up, the team in charge tends to need real-time access to rectify the issues at hand. In the cases where this isn’t possible, VR can be used to get everyone on board at the same time. Hence, the employees can now work together in various skill-based teams to deal with the situation while keeping track of progress.

Easy Data Access

Besides creating a projection of data in the viewer’s line of sight, augmented reality technology allows manufacturers and engineers to access tons of data. Some of the data accessed are manufacturing processes and product-specific data. This data easily provides them with the likes of inventory location, specific details, and procurement lead time.

Additionally, QR codes can also be scanned by the viewer. This grants access to graphics, videos, and images that may be helpful in solving complex issues during the manufacturing process.

Decreased Maintenance Time

With the use of AR, all users can easily access projected video and graphical elements in an effort to perform maintenance tasks. The only thing required by users is ensuring that they follow the instructions carefully. An AR firm, Reflekt and Bosch the automotive company have collaborated to develop a special platform that can aid with maintenance for all users.

Reduction Of Production Downtime

If you didn’t already know, downtime in the manufacturing industry results in the loss of thousands of dollars. This also contributes to opportunity costs that manufacturing firms are forced to incur. AR ensures that maintenance efforts are kept up to date and it allows engineers and the maintenance team to identify and prevent flaws. Additionally, mobile apps also aid with identification and resolution tactics.

Training Uses

AR is widely used in the industry for both simulation and training efforts. Since VR is used for simulation and training, persons such as the military, aircraft personnel and surgeons all use it for simulated training. Hence AR is used to better ensure the learning process goes smoothly.


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