What’s Your Career Path

What's Your Career Path

“Make your passion, your profession” a very common saying that you must have been listening to since your childhood, But now when it’s the real time to select your career path, how will you know what is your passion and what choices you have to make it your profession. One of the most important and hard decisions of your whole life, of course, not as hard as that of marriage, as you can’t change your spouse as smoothly as your career, but still, this decision related to your career will become the foundation of your future life.

Usually, each and everyone is acquainted with their true calling that drives their heart and mind, but usually, that’s not the way it works. According to a survey, an average person wishes to change their careers around three times in their whole lifetime until retirement. Without being said further let’s jump on the Top 10 Ways to Find Your Career Path.

10. Things That Excites and Energizes You

Just imagine a life in which you get paid for those things that give you a kick every day, that adrenaline rush- we all want this life right but it’s not the only factor that should decide about the career, but yes obviously a factor that can keep you going even in tough times.

9. Never Ignore What You’re good At

Maybe there is something that you do regularly and you don’t get that kick like in something else, or you have multiple interests and you are not able to choose one out of all. At that time, think what suits best to your personality, which skills are always there at your fingertips.

8. Take a Test

Suppose let’s say that you are unaware of your talent or what is it that excites you, then what should you do. Basically it doesn’t matter if you know your talent or interest or not, each and every individual should always undertake the personality test, as the interest and the talent might change with the due course of time, but the personality of a person hardly change and a job that fits someone personality, can always push you to the ladder of success without any delay.

7. Internships- Best test you can ever take

According to the personality, you can get suggestions that might be best for you but how can you be assured that you will be really happy and comfortable with the suggestions provided? No other way to know it but by actually doing it. Try to get an internship that suits your interest, or your talent or your personality, work for a couple of months and analyse how are you performing, how are you feeling working there, how well are you able to get along with your colleagues and then eventually end up in full time job where you feel contented. Even if you feel that this type of job is not working out for you, It still can help you to build a network which might be helpful in near future.

6. A Mentor Sound Good

“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could”. A mentor is always the best option to brush yourself up. It can simply take your career to a next level and give you that insight that can work miracles in your career.  A mentor assures that you are always on the right path.

If there is a career that you have your eyes set on, check out if any company or people in the same line would allow you to shadow them for a couple of days, and then see it yourself what it really feels like to work in the field you wish.

5. Ever Thought of Unconventional Careers

Everyone is well acquainted with the popular careers that are available like store owner, police officer, computer engineer, teacher, lawyer, doctor, etc. which can be entered into by giving the UPSC, CAT and JEE Exam. But there are many jobs undercover, like thousands that you might know or might be unknown to it. Options such as DJ, RJ, VJ, choreographer & Playback Singer are attracting a huge youth crowd towards it these days but if none of these suits you even now, then how about being a baby panda caretaker, or a chocolate inspector. Does that make your mouth water? If yes then what are you waiting for the search for it and apply.

4. Ask Other People

Maybe the best way to come across a new career is to discuss or ask another person about theirs. Connect to your social media networks, who know you might bang on your dream job option that you never even thought of.

3. G+P+V Formula

If you are confused between more than one option to choose from then G+P+V formula is here to your rescue. It stands for Gifts + Passions + Values. Find out which of your choices gets you closer to these three things and Voila! You got your answer.

2. Make a Career Path

Many people say that they don’t know what they want to do in their life in future and they keep on doing the same job and never find the success. Setting up goals is always the first step to success. It might be that you wish to be a writer right now, but for how long? Someday you will have to get to the second stage of the editor. Do you actually want to do that? Or you just want to be a restaurant owner or a Math Professor. So map your path with milestones.

1. Career is Always a Connecting Dots, Not a Straight Line

It’s not always possible that all that you ever planned or mapped will work accordingly and get you to success. But always pay attention to the dots that always connected you to your life till date and will connect it further in your future. The road will unfold slowly or rapidly but it will be your experience of different things and with different things that will make you walk through the roads with your heads up. 

Hope this few points will help you to select your ideal job, wish you a great life

About Author:

Yash Khara, a content writer, and blogger by profession are following his passion for writing and counseling students of different streams with all the digital marketing aspects after completing his Engineering. Currently exploring digital education at Byju’s- The Learning App, his other interest includes composing music and fashion designing.