What To Do After Engineering?

Whether it is a car or a computer, there are engineers behind almost everything we use today. Engineering as a field has a good scope, but it depends on various other constraints like the branch, college, knowledge, and skills of a student. Many of the students are afraid of What To Do After Engineering?

In India, a career in engineering can be a promising one if done from a reputed institute. However, companies are becoming more and more demanding in terms of skill set and thus the competition is very fierce for high-paying jobs.

What To Do After Engineering?

Below are various options available to students after engineering.

Higher studies

One is always free to go for masters after engineering. As an engineering student, one can have options like MBA, MS, M.Tech or even MA (Master of Arts) in some fields. It is a nice idea to get a masters degree as it increases your chances of landing a good job. Also, a master’s degree will help you gain experience and give a chance to sharpen your existing skills and personality. Popular cities to pursue a post-graduate degree in these fields are Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

According to a survey, companies prefer hiring engineers who have done an MBA. If you could not land a decent job after your graduation, getting an MBA from a reputed institute and with an above average grade point will definitely help you land a lucrative job.

One can also choose to go abroad for higher education as there are better opportunities. Engineering graduates get a chance to learn new techniques and theories adopted by foreign countries.

Job hunt

Many students decide to go for a job just after engineering as there are excellent opportunities and growth in the corporate sector. It is a favorable option if you have completed your graduation from a reputed and recognized college with above average grade points. A job would not only give you financial independence but would also give you the required experience for future. There are some MBA colleges that require prior work experience before the course and a job would just be perfect to fulfill that criterion.

Civil services

If you think that government job is your cup of tea and you see a better and safer future there, then trying for civil services is what you can do. Though the civil services exam is definitely not an easy one to crack, it can be done with persistent hard work. As an engineer, you can attempt IES in addition to other civil exams.

Serve the nation

If you have always been patriotic and wanted to serve the nation, this can be your chance. Indian army also has some special technical entries for engineering graduates. You can take this opportunity to join air force/navy/army. One can also try AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) and CDS (Combined Defence Services Exam) which is your pathway into navy and military and Air Force in some cases.

Become an entrepreneur

Well, a job is not everybody’s cup of tea. One might like the thought of independence of business and, it might be the target of huge profits. Entrepreneurship is one luring option. But don’t fool yourself around to be expecting it to be a quick way to huge profits. It demands a lot of effort and energy in the initial stages. Entrepreneurship requires a unique and impactful business idea. If you can arrange the funding and have an idea, do some market research and get on to become the CEO of your own big company.


Now that you have graduated, if you are still not clear of your calling read ahead. That is totally normal, not everyone is enlightened enough to know that. But if you are an individual who is determined on finding the answer, you can take a few months and even more to explore. The answer would only come if you’d actually get your hands into different things. Join a photography school; there are some really good ones in India. Learn music, or attend those creative writing classes to cherish the budding writer in you. Attend events, festivals and meet different people. Make new friends, travel and get some different experiences. If you like the idea, then you might find dropping a year worth to explore.