Used Forklift for Sale – How to Buy A Used Forklift

For manufacturing firms, a forklift is necessary for lifting and moving heavy loads and materials. The cost of purchasing a brand new forklift is high. You might end up spending so much money, up to thousands.

If you are an upcoming firm and do not have funds to buy a new one, there is another option. You can buy a fairly used product. Buying a used one will get you a high-performing and quality machine. You get to save at least 40% of the initial price.

Though buying new equipment has its benefits, getting a used one also comes with advantages. Apart from the fact that you get to purchase it at a lower price, you also benefit from using a machine with tested durability.

Purchasing used forklifts come with several risks. Hence, you need to take care when buying one. Finding a place to get used forklifts for sale is not difficult. However, you need to take some steps to avoid regrets.

What to Consider Before Buying Used Forklifts

It is correct that some persons tell tales when trying to market a product. The seller might not tell you about the equipment faults. Hence, the reason why you need to run a few checks yourself.

The big question is what exactly you should be looking for in a used model. In this article, we have provided simple details of what you can consider before making your purchase.

Inspect the Equipment Carefully

Ensure you take out quality time to inspect the equipment before purchasing. Crosscheck to see if every feature the seller told you about is present. Also, look out for damages that might affect the durability of the equipment. Some things you can inspect are:

  • Any damage to the forks like bends or cracks
  • Any damage that might affect safety like seatbelts, brakes, and horns
  • Any damage that might affect the mast’s structural integrity, such as gaps on the chains
  • Chunking on tires or low thread
  • Engines leaks in vital components of the machine. You can click on read more about things to check before buying a machine.

What Is Its Working Duration

Machines have reduced efficiencies based on how long they have been in use. Before purchasing a fairly used forklift, you can ask how long it has been in use. It will help you determine its percentage efficiency. The longer its working hours – the less the efficiency.

How do you know the working duration? The forklift has an inbuilt hour meter that shows how many hours it has been in use. However, you need to ensure that there has not been a tweak in its measurement. Ensure you crosscheck with the service history to see if the figures match.

Consider the Nature of Its Working Environment

The working environment affects the efficiency of the forklift. Working hours alone is not enough. A forklift might have worked fewer hours when compared to another but has lower efficiency.

An environment with harsh conditions might wear out the machine quickly. For instance, if the forklift has been in contact with extreme temperatures, high humidity levels, saltwater, chemicals, and more, it will have less durability.

Check for Warranty Period

Even if you buy a fairly used model, it is still an expensive product and should come with some warranty. You can read this article to know more about warranties.

A warranty is needed to ensure that your purchases are in good condition. A reliable seller should be able to provide you with a minimum of one or two months warranty. Though new forklift models come with a lengthy warranty period, you may not get the same offer with a previously used one.

Research Extensively On the Forklift Model

Before making any purchases, you need background knowledge of what you want. Knowing a thing or two about the model you are about to purchase will assist you in asking the right questions and inspection.

You can start by searching the model’s name and then reading about its major components and features. Ensure that the model you are about to purchase is still in use. Purchasing an outdated model might give you trouble when looking for its replacement parts.

In addition, you can read some user reviews about the model. It will enable you to note some faults and benefits that are essential for your decision-making.

Ensure You Purchase from a Reliable Seller

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It is necessary to purchase products from a trusted seller. There are several risks associated with buying from unreliable persons. There is the risk of purchasing stolen equipment amongst others.

In addition, some sellers are not concerned about your satisfaction but about making a profit. Keep in mind that you might be solely responsible for any issues which may arise after purchases. Hence, ensure you buy from a seller that delivers quality.


Buying a new forklift model might not be feasible for your firm. However, a used one will do the job. But, you need to take care when dealing with sellers. Ensure you examine the equipment thoroughly before buying.