Sign Them Up: How A-Frames Keep Engineers Safe

Sign Them Up: How A-Frames Keep Engineers Safe

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Sign Them Up: How A-Frames Keep Engineers Safe

Working in the construction industry is one of the most dangerous professions. Most injuries are due to falls, being hit by an object, being caught between objects, and electrocutions. This is quite alarming and needs to be immediately addressed.

The most common solution the construction industry currently employs is A-Frames signage. A-Frames, sometimes called sandwich signs, are considered the unsung heroes of the signage world. A-Frames looks like the letter A when set up, hence the name.

Now that we are familiar with A-Frames, let us discuss why the construction industry constantly uses them in building projects. How does it keep the construction workers and engineers safe in the process? Is this the most viable solution for minimizing construction workers’ and engineers’ casualties and injuries?


A-Frames are available in different sizes. They can be either single-sided or double-sided. They also come with reversible panels, stationery panels, or slide-in. Add to it that this can also be made of molded plastic or metal. It means using A-Frames in many different manners and for any environment is possible and suitable.

A-Frames are also customizable. You can design it in any way you want it to look. You can choose what font, color, and palette to use when you buy one. Resizing it to the size and dimensions you want it to be is also possible.

In construction, a frame sign is usually used in three manners: directional signage, vehicle traffic signage, and safety announcement signage.

  1. Directional Signage 

A-Frames are used in construction to direct and inform how workers move in specific areas in the project. This is ideal to avoid any mix-up and unnecessary bumping into each other. It means that it can prevent any significant human-inflicted injury from happening.

Moreover, using this framed sign can also indicate which areas are off-limits to workers and the general public. It means that it acts not only as an informative sign but also as a physical barrier for persons not allowed to enter the indicated area.

  1. Vehicle Traffic Signage

When construction is ongoing, the placement of A-Frames is crucial. It should be seen where they can easily guide workers and the general public regarding vehicle protection.

It can be used to indicate an area unsuitable for parking space since it is near the construction and debris may fall occasionally.

They also remind people not to walk or drive near construction projects. The usage of heavy equipment might cause traffic in the area. It can also pose some safety concerns to motorists when crowded in.

  1. Safety Announcement

Placing an A-Frame about a construction project’s hazards informs bystanders and passersby about it. It can show that debris might be falling and tells them not to get close to the construction site.

It can also remind construction workers and engineers that a particular area needs them to continuously wear hard hats to prevent them from being injured due to debris falling. It serves as a safety announcement for construction workers, engineers, and the general public.

These three manners, wherein A-Frames signages are used in the construction industry, tell us that its primary function is to keep construction workers, engineers, and the general public while the construction project continues. It highlights the possible risks and reminds people to take precautionary measures.


Since A-Frames are very simple to set up and lightweight, they can be easily moved from one place to another. This means that it can be quickly relocated when necessary. The portability of these signages also indicates that it is good to use in any situation or circumstance.

Moreover, since A-Frames are easy to move, construction companies would not be burdened with buying or creating another signage when it transfers to another phase of the construction or another project altogether. They continuously reuse the same frame signage as long as the words or symbols are still visible and understandable to the naked eye.


It would be difficult for passersby to miss an A-Frame. It is located in areas where people drive or walk. The eye-catching graphics and bold letters suggest missing them would be nearly impossible.

In construction, these A-Frames are usually placed at the project’s entrance, peripheries, and in hazardous parts of the area. Moreover, higher visibility also means that you can still clearly see the A-Frame sign’s message, whether in a rush or a crowd.

It is to ensure that both workers and passersby are aware of the potential danger of the construction project if they are not going to be careful. They can also now take precautionary measures to ensure their safety.

In Conclusion

Using A-Frames signage is an underrated way of keeping harm away and ensuring safety. It is especially true in the construction industry, where workers and engineers are constantly at risk of potential injuries and even fatalities. With the A-Frame sign, workers and engineers can quickly determine whether working or standing in a specific part of the project is dangerous.

That is why ensuring that the construction industry and others will use more A-Frames or other signage is critical to protect and keep all people, employees, and consumers safe. It is high time for the construction industry to sign up to prevent injuries and foster a safer workplace.