Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

The list of mechanical engineering interview questions is listed here for an idea of job interview questions for the mechanical engineers. However, these are the Most Asked Interview Questions For Mechanical Engineering. This list of mechanical engineering interview questions contains the various subjects of mechanical engineering. Mostly the questions are comprised of technical questions which help you in your technical round interviews.

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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

Q1. What is annealing?

Q2. What is ductile-brittle transition temperature?

Q3. Which theories of failure are used for (a) ductile materials and (B) brittle materials?

Q4. What does thermal diffusivity of metals signify?

Q5. What is enthalpy?

Q6. What is a positive displacement pump?

Q7. Which parameter remains constant in a throttling process?

Q8. Which reactor produces more fissionable material than it consumes?

Q9. Which reactor uses natural uranium as fuel?

Q10. Which reactor uses heavy water as a moderator?

Q11. Which reactor requires no moderator? 

Q12. What is ferrite?

Q13. What is the difference between projectile motion and a rocket motion?

Q14. Explain Otto cycle.

Q15. What is a converter reactor? 

Q16. Explain nuclear reactor in brief.

Q17. What is gear ratio?

Q18. Which heating value is indicated by a calorimeter and why?

Q19. What is annealing?

Q20. What is fuel ratio? 

Q21. What is ductile-brittle transition temperature?

Q22. On which analysis is based the Dulong’s formula for the heating value of fuel?

Q23. Which element causes a difference in higher and lower heating values of fuel?

Q24. What is a uniformly distributed load?

Q25. How is martensite structure formed in steel?

Q26. Which two elements have the same percentage in the proximate and ultimate analysis of coal?

Q27. What is an orthographic drawing?

Q28. Which reactor has no moderator? Ans: Fast breeder reactor

Q29. What is representative elementary volume?

Q30. Ultimate analysis of coal is elementary analysis. What is it concerned with? 

Q31. Why are LNG pipes curved?

Q32. Quantities like pressure, temperature, density, viscosity, etc. are independent of mass. What are these called?

Q33. What does angular momentum mean?

Q34. What is the effect of inter cooling in gas turbines? 

Q35. Can you use motor oil in a hydraulic system?

Q37. What is the effect of friction on the flow of steam through a nozzle?

Q38. What causes white smoke in two-stroke locomotive engines?

Q39. Out of electric heater and heat pump, which is economical in operation?

Q40. What is the role of nitrogen in welding?

Q41. Which furnace burns low-ash fusion coal and retains most of the coal ash in the slag? Ans: Cyclone furnace.

Q42. What does Greenfield project mean?

Q43. Why is boiler purged every time before starting firing of fuel? 

Q44. Is it the stress that, produces strain or strain produces stress?

Q45. What is the principle of mechanical refrigeration?

Q46. How does iron ore turn into steel?

Q47. What type of boiler does not need a steam drum?

Q48. What is the mechanical advantage of a double pulley?

Q49. Why are large boilers water tube type?

Q50. What is extruded aluminum?

Q51. What is the difference between hard water and soft water? 

Q52. What is a Newtonian fluid?

Q53. What is caustic embrittlement? 

Q54. What are the points in the stress-strain curve for steel?

Q55. When is maximum discharge obtained in nozzle?

Q56. How much is the work done in an isochoric process? 

Q57. What does F.O.F. stand for in the piping design?

Q58. Explain Otto cycle.

Q59. What is the mechanism?

Q60. State the laws of thermodynamics

Q61. What is Hess law?

Q62. What is PS?

Q63. What is a bearing? What are the different types of bearings?

Q64. What is a time and motion theory?

Q65. Which is the hardest material on earth?

Q66. One unit of BTU is how many Joules?

Q67. What does a pump develop? Give the reason to support your answer.

Q68. Explain the difference between pipe and a tube.

Q69. What is Bauschinger effect?

Q70. List two effects of manganese in plain carbon steels.

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