How Important is Computer Engineering in Our Daily Lives?

How Important is Computer Engineering in Our Daily Lives
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Some of the most important industries are those which we don’t even realize have an impact. One of these is computer engineering. Those in the know understand exactly the significance of computer engineering, but what kinds of things has it done for the average person’s day-to-day life?


Gaming is arguably the most noticeable industry that relies on computer engineering. As the growing figures of those who game show, more people than ever are getting involved, largely because gaming can be done on the smartphone that we carry around with us anyway. Gaming is fueled by computer science. Engineering means programming the games, which is how they are developed. Knowing scripting languages and being able to transform thoughts and gameplay ideas into onscreen realizations is the key facet of the job.

Importantly, engineering has helped gaming remain relevant and important with each generation of technology. For instance, as Casino Masters shows, computer engineering has managed to take a traditional concept, such as roulette or the slot machine, and transform it into interactive animated games. Combining this with satellite technology, live versions of some of the table games mean that players can actually see the dealer in front of them in real-time.

Mobile gaming that requires players to see both the direct environment and creatures in the digital world, such as Pokémon Go, also has computer engineering to thank. AR and VR technology represent to many the latest in technology and show how immersive gaming tech could become in the future.

Source: Pexels

Social Media

Using social media is one of the most universal things that people do every day. More than 50% of everyone on the planet has some kind of social media account, typically Facebook and/or Twitter. Around 83% of internet users in general have one. This figure rises to around 90% of those with a mobile device. It’s clear that social media is important and most of it is made possible through intricate computer engineering.

Social media involves the store of data and information that is sent from machine to machine to deliver the latest live updates, and to store preferences, messages, and personal information. The communication between these machines is a result of computer engineering. Social media also features complex algorithms which are devised by computer engineers to give users the best experience of each site.

Making video calls on Skype or Zoom is also a feat of computer engineering. Even twenty years ago the connection to make this possible was usually patchy and featured intense amounts of lag. Computer engineering has meant that our computers themselves, the cameras, microphones, and internet connectivity is better all around, making such communication possible.

The wide range of IT companies that make use of those with such skills shows just how important computer engineering is. From our fridges to cars, checking the weather to ordering food, computer engineering has made it all possible. These remarkable things have become so ingrained in our lives that we don’t even realize quite how significant computer engineering has been and how much we owe it.


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