How Education Companies Can Drive Online Growth In 2020

Over time, the traditional education sector has seen many transformations. For instance, live online classes, digital workshops, and online courses have become a part of every successful educational institute. There has been a noted shift in student’s interest as they rely on the internet for nearly all of their educational needs.

With so many changes, it becomes critically essential for educational companies that they craft best marketing strategies to attract, engage, and convert potential customers online. As per a statistic, marketers who plan their strategy, project, and campaigns are 356% more likely to succeed.

There are many examples of successful online course platforms that are driving exceptional revenue through their website. If you’re looking to grow your education company in this cut-throat market, take a look at these helpful tips.

Build A Responsive Website

Building a website is the first step toward your online growth. A mobile-friendly website with all the necessary features can engage your customers and drive traffic. However, refrain from adding too many items as it can be overwhelming for students.

Many factors determine whether a website is up to the mark or not, such as:

  • Proper optimization for multiple devices, including mobile
  • The quick loading time of your website
  • Simple web layout with an aesthetic design
  • Proper on-page technical SEO with content

A responsive site is the foundation of any successful online company. Make sure you research competitor’s websites so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

Implement The Right SEO Strategy

Once you have designed your website, the next step is to implement the right SEO strategy based on your marketing objectives. Technical SEO is unavoidable if you want to grow and sustain online in 2020.

The primary goal of using SEO is to rank higher on SERP (Search Engine result pages) so that more students can visit your website. According to an interesting statistic, Google algorithm ranks websites by taking a whopping 200 factors into account.

Make sure you set clear goals while crafting your SEO strategies. It will help you evaluate your progress at different stages and make the required changes.

Create High-Quality Content

Content marketing is the best substitute for interruptive ads that no one wants to see. Creating high-quality content that students will find relevant is the prime focus of content marketing.

Your company’s blog can help you build strong credibility on the internet as users trust those sources that offer value and help them with their questions. As such, a well-planned content marketing strategy can initiate conversions and thus, enhance revenue.

Maintaining an informative blog that provides solutions to your user’s questions increases their likelihood of engaging with your website. Your blog posts should provide solutions to the student’s queries. For instance, you can build your blog around career consultation or study tips.

Make sure you do your due diligence and gain as much information as possible on the interests of your target audience.

Engage With Your Visitors Using Chatbots

Chatbots are one of the most promising AI tools that can boost your conversion rates on a website. They are commonly used in the world of digital marketing and are steadily gaining popularity among the general audience. Research suggests that three in every five millennials have used chatbots at least once in their life.

As an online business, you can turn to AI-powered chatbots to provide your customers with a personalized experience and drive website traffic.

Boost Conversions With Email Marketing

One of the earliest forms of marketing online, email marketing is still a powerful digital channel to reach and engage with more students.

Follow the below-mentioned email marketing tips to grow your educational company online.

  • Use a segmented email list.
  • Take the student’s journey into account.
  • Use action words in the subject line.
  • Keep your content short and sweet.
  • Add a compelling CTA for students.

In addition, you can also automate your email marketing to save time. Make sure your email content and newsletters are mobile-friendly.

Leverage Social Media To Reach Target Audience

With the rise of social media in 2016, brands can now align with the needs of their potential customers through various social networking platforms. It is much easier to reach interested students on these platforms as compared to traditional search engine marketing.

Doing live QnA sessions to engage your target audience or posting interviews with industry professionals is the best way to grow your business’ social media. Create a social media calendar to streamline your content creation for these platforms.

Don’t Hesitate To Use Display Ads

The display advertisement is one of the pioneers in the world of digital marketing. A well-planned display campaign with thought-provoking banner images can boost your conversion rate of admissions and enrollments.

Pitching your services via banner ads requires good skills of optimization and analytics. You can customize them in terms of age, gender, location, and subject interest. Moreover, you need to identify the sites that students tend to frequent so you can engage with the right audience.

Use Retargeting Ads To Drive More Sales

Retargeting, also called remarketing, uses cookies to capture client interest and promote your ads to your target audience after they leave your website. For example, if a student visited your website to ask about the admission process, retargeting will show them your site again, thus potentially encouraging them to buy your product or service.

By targeting those users who have shown some interest in what you have to offer, this marketing technology can improve the effectiveness of your campaign.

Use Podcasts To Increase Awareness

For a long time now, there is a growing trend of listening to podcasts for educational purposes. Take advantage of podcast hosting sites to share relevant and helpful content for students, thereby creating awareness about your e-learning and certification programs. Podcast marketing is still new, and there is a vast scope of growth in this space.


These are some prominent ways in which educational companies can drive their online growth in 2020. In addition, you must test and try different digital channels to know what works and what doesn’t. Once you crack the best digital method to acquire customers, you can work on optimizing it to drive revenue.