Distance Education Courses After 12th

Between the age of 16 to 18, every student is faced with a decision that will affect their entire life. What to do after finishing 12th? Many would have decided after finishing their 10th to pursue an education in the field of Science, Commerce or Arts. However, many reasons might not be favorable to pursue an education in one’s life. This doesn’t mean that education has to stop at the 12th standard. There are options to study in the distance education format instead of the full-time college method.

Today, we will discuss distance education post 12th standard. There are many viable options for one to pursue an education in order to attain a degree. One could either join evening colleges, correspondence courses, and distance education. We will focus on distance education to assist you in making a wise decision.

Advantages of Distance Education

These facts will certainly clear your mind and help you make that crucial decision to pursue an education in this mode. Distance education is no longer in the experimental stage as in the past. It is quite a successful method which allows people from various backgrounds to learn while still working. Some of the advantages of distance learning are:

  • No need to sacrifice your regular job but, still pursue education via distance learning
  • Compared to the regular learning method, distance learning is quite reasonable
  • Flexible schedule since lecture videos and study method is accessible at your convenience 24/7
  • Choose an esteemed college or university which offers distance learning
  • A degree from an esteemed college or university has more value even if you obtain it via distance learning
  • Financially speaking, this is an excellent decision for those who cannot afford high fees and donation required to study via regular learning method
  • Saves the time of attending classes even if you are financially able to learn via regular learning but unable to do so

With these advantages, you should be able to make a firm decision with respect to getting that degree with an esteemed university. Eligibility criteria are 10th marks sheet a 12th marks sheet in most of the universities with a few additional documents.

What to study? What is offered?

This is a common question everyone would have since distance learning doesn’t offer every course that is offered in regular courses. However, most of the common degrees like B.Com, BCA, BBM, BBA and more are available via distance learning. Based on Science, Commerce, and Arts, you could choose a degree which will certainly have options for post-graduation too. Every course that you do via distance learning is not only for a degree but PG courses too. If you are willing to pursue education further, MBA, MCA, and many such PG courses are also offered in distance education under various specializations.

Still Confused?

I understand it is a crucial time to make a lifetime decision. It is completely sane to be confused at this stage since everyone could be the same state of confusion. Learning about the courses offered should provide better clarity to decide which course to apply for.

Which Courses are Offered?

Many common courses are offered under distance education. Every college or university has its own protocol and the courses being offered are entirely in their discretion. You could certainly check for courses on their respective websites.

In the field of commerce, there are two types of courses. Commerce courses with Mathematics and Commerce courses without Mathematics, the choice is yours to make. However, the options are a bit limited in distance education.

Distance Education Courses after 12th

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Pursuing B.Com with Commerce background from the 12th standard would be a better option. B.Com in accounting and commerce is the common course offered in many universities under distance learning mode. With proper eligibility and documents, it is easy to attain a seat in distance learning at many universities. Always provide accurate information since they will verify the original documents and send them back once your application is accepted and admission is complete. Your options to study further for post-graduation is also available via distance learning. It could be either an MBA or even M.Com based on your decision.

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

Keeping MBA in your future plans, BBM is one of the best courses to study. This is offered in the curriculum of the course of many major universities under distance education. This course is an excellent option to choose since you would be able to pursue an education in the same distance learning pattern for post-graduation as well.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Coming to the IT sector of distance learning, Bachelor of Computer Applications is available under distance learning. People who are willing to learn about IT and software can pursue this course even with any knowledge with respect to software. This course will help you gain knowledge to handle IT and software concerns. With proper commitment and willpower, you could certainly obtain this degree via distance learning.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Slightly different curriculum compared to BBM, A distance education BBA has its own advantages in the field of business management. It opens up a lot of paths to pursue further studies like MBA via distance learning. This will certainly help you gain knowledge and apply the same to any business. Gaining experience on a real-time basis is certainly a huge advantage.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Bachelor of Science has a lot of diversities since one can pursue under Physics, Chemistry or Biology stream based on their decision. Every stream may or not be offered under distance learning. These individual science subjects are more complex to understand compared to its commerce counterpart. Comparatively, Science subjects require more effort to attain a degree. It is very much possible to clear the exams to get the degree this way since many have done it and are still doing it.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A)

Another pure subject course in Arts is commonly offered by many reputed institutions. B.A. is another option to pursue after 12th. We know that this course also has its own options if you wish to continue studying further. M.A and MBA are still available opportunities to take via distance learning and if possible in the same university.

Some of the not so common courses that universities offer are:

  • A in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • A in Arts (Fine/Visual/Performing)
  • BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)
  • BDes in Animation
  • BA in Animation

With these uncommon courses, you have these many wide options to choose from. If you are not firm on making a decision after finishing your 12th or unable to pursue education due to various personal and financial, you should be able to check for information via distance learning. This option is always open, ensure that you don’t miss out on the deadlines to submit application and payments for admission.

Distance learning is an excellent option for those who do not have proper education facilities due to underdeveloped sectors. Distance learning has been fighting illiteracy for the past 2 decades and it will do the same going forward. Please use this facility available for those who cannot afford or do not have the time to pursue education.

Final Thoughts

Every individual should be able to pursue an education without limitations or restrictions. Distance learning removes every limitation with respect to a regular method due to its flexibility. Explore and exploit this flexibility to the optimum level to obtain any of those degrees we discussed. Good luck with making a wise decision!


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