Charlotte Industrial Scale Company Weighs Trucks and Heavy Machinery

Charlotte Industrial Scale Company

Due to increased demand for quick delivery of goods, more companies are purchasing trucks to meet the demand of their growing customer base. Therefore, we are not surprised that trucks are common on our roads. For drivers to safely deliver their cargo, certain steps and regulations must be followed.

They must ensure that their vehicle is in good condition, replace all parts that require replacement, and perform routine maintenance. Additionally, they must ensure that the load they want to convey is not above the standard weight parameters. You can watch this video to get tips for truck maintenance.

Types of Weighing Equipment

The types of equipment used in weighing vehicles are:

1. Weighbridges

They are platforms where vehicles park and get weighed. They provide weighing solutions for industrial vehicles and heavy machinery. They are commonly used in areas where a vehicle’s net weight determines the tax the driver will pay; the product’s price, and other financial parameters.

2. Weight Indicators

They do not measure the vehicle weight themselves but are highly important. You can use them to view the data from your weighing scale in another specialized terminal. You can easily integrate them with different software packages to increase the turnaround time for weighing, data analysis, and reporting.

3. Axle Weighing Pads

You can use them to identify any weight that was imposed on the axle of a vehicle. The data is used to determine whether the vehicle needs balancing or not. If the weight is not properly read, it may cause problems for the vehicle with respect to safety and compliance with relevant legislation.

What Do Industrial Scale Companies Do?

Since drivers need to weigh their vehicles, it is the duty of industrial-scale companies to provide the necessary equipment to facilitate vehicle weighing. You can find weigh stations in different locations using industrial scales. Every state has a slightly different guideline concerning safe and appropriate truck weights. Hence, it is necessary for people to weigh their cargo in weigh stations.

Most times, the standard weight is hinged at 34000 pounds, but the maximum varies sometimes. The scale company will check whether your vehicle’s weight is around the acceptable range, or you need further inspection.

So when a driver gets to the weigh station, they must check the signal lights. This will help them know the next thing they should do. Some scales weigh vehicles in motion, but others require the vehicle to come to a halt. The scales are either multi-axle or single axle.

Subsequently, the inspector at the station will tell you whether you can continue your journey or you require more inspection. If they ask you to stop for more inspection, remain calm and try not to argue. If you are in North Carolina, you can check out Superior Scales in Charlotte to get more information on proper weighing processes.

The Importance of Weighing Trucks

You may think that weigh stations are just to make sure that commercial trucks are complying with the weight regulations. That is a half-truth because there is more to that.

1. Vehicular and Road Safety

The essence of federal regulations for commercial vehicle weight is to ensure safety on the road. Our roadways can handle a lot of weight. But when vehicles are above the road’s weight capacity, they lead to dangerous and expensive structural issues for other road users.

Fortunately, the only types of vehicles that tend to exceed the limit are industrial vehicles such as semi-trucks. This explains why they are closely monitored. If a vehicle weighs above the federal limit, bridges, roadways, and overpasses become susceptible to weakness over time.

Also, if the weak patches are not noticed in good time, every person using that road is at risk of suffering infrastructural failure. In the end, someone must foot the hefty bill whether the structural issues are noticed late or early.

But our safety concerns should not end there because overloaded trucks also pose safety risks for themselves too. The driver may be involved in an accident due to the inability to quickly maneuver an overloaded truck. The truck will also be difficult to control on a downhill path, thereby, increasing the chances of wrecking the vehicle and goods.

2. Increasing and Ensuring Profits

Since most companies use the weight of goods to determine their value, weighing your cargo directly impacts sales and company profit. Therefore, the most essential reason for accurate cargo weighing is to make sure that the company sends the correct bill to their clients.

Also, inaccurate weighing robs a business of a lot of profit in the long run. Hence, operations managers must calculate all incoming and outgoing load weight. They must also supervise the practice of fair trade to increase profits while decreasing costs. You can click to read more about truck scales.

3. Truckers’ Taxes

Another reason for weighing vehicles is to calculate taxes for each vehicle. Carriers of trucks need to pay tax to the government to compensate for the additional stress they apply on the road.  The government uses the tax to maintain bridges and roads.

If commercial trucks need to convey excess weight against the government’s limit, they must divide the load. They can also apply for a permit at a weighing station for the overweight exception. As you may imagine, this leads to unnecessary headaches and delays in shipping. Hence, carriers ensure that they know their load weight before they hit the road to avoid unnecessary hassles.


We discussed the types of weighing equipment for vehicles and what each of them does. We also discussed the essence of industrial-scale companies, including the importance of weighing trucks. We mentioned that the maximum or standard weight is 34000 pounds (15400 kilograms). Therefore, carriers must ensure that their loads do not exceed the limit.

When trucks are overloaded, they negatively affect the roads, themselves, and other road users. As a result, they pay taxes to the government for road maintenance. Hence, weigh stations are available to monitor vehicle weights.


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