5 Reasons Why Indians Love To Gamble Online

There have been some serious advances in the world of technology in recent times, with one of the areas seeing the most benefit being online entertainment. People across the globe are spoilt for choice, and there is very rarely a dull moment spent anymore.

Everyone has their own preferences that they like to browse through, be it social media sites, online streaming sites, online kasino sites, the list could go on. There is something for everyone. Yet, more and more Indians are leaning towards gambling online to pass the time, and hopefully win some money.

The population of India is vast and the number of mobile connections in the country is roughly 1.18 billion. With an estimated 600 million smartphones in circulation, and as elsewhere always in hand, many people feel there is no better time to take part in this activity.

It’s not easy for many Indians to experience traditional casinos. These online gambling companies are doing their very best to gain as many customers as possible. But what exactly is it that makes the option of gambling online so appealing to Indians?

They love Sports and Games

While football is recognized as being the most popular sport in the world, cricket is following hard on its heels. The game of cricket is like a religion in India, with fervent support throughout the country. Sports and betting have always gone hand in hand, and it’s inevitable that with its large fanbase, people would choose to get involved and have a wager on the sport.

As well as betting on horse racing, many tend to take part in lotteries and traditional Indian card games such as Rummy, or Andar Bahar. These games, although old, are still widely played throughout the country, and now online also to every generation. The enjoyment and element of risk involved in playing online make it even more appealing.

Play as it suits You

All you need to play is a desktop computer or mobile device of some kind that can be connected to the internet and away you go. There is no longer a need to consider a time-consuming journey to a casino, which when you include food and drinks as well as your gambling money, which could well turn out to be an expensive adventure.

The fact that you can play from anywhere suited people looking to pass the time between classes or on their daily commute for example. The ability to play in the comfort of your own home became quite important due to the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Lockdowns and restrictions became the order of the day, and boredom became a huge issue for some people. Apart from keeping themselves safe from contracting the disease, they could be content with the knowledge they could continue their gambling uninterrupted online.

The presence of Constant Offers

It’s amazing the number of different bonuses online casinos will offer to get you involved and keep you on their site. It’s big business and many satisfied, yet lazy, customers tend to stick with one site in the main for their entire gambling experience. These offers cost the companies very little but are highly beneficial to both parties. The customer feels like they are getting something back, and the money keeps coming for the online casinos.

The majority of online casinos these days offer some sort of bonus for simply joining or signing up. This entices the customer to get involved quickly, whereas other offers along the way retain your interest in playing. 

However, it’s not all good news, as some of these deals have wagering requirements that must be met before any money can be withdrawn. It’s wise to read the terms and conditions of any deal offered by these casinos.

Huge selection of Games

In addition to the fact that few states in India permit traditional casinos, these types of establishments have another issue to contend with as opposed to online gambling. The problem of floor space has hindered many casinos, as they try to please their customers with the games they feel are in demand most, disappointing fans of lesser played games.

Online casinos face no such problems as they are unlimited the number of games they can cater for on their site. There is an endless supply of table games to choose from, and the number of slot games available will please even the most demanding of punters. Tables will never be full and you won’t have to wait at an online casino. There won’t ever be an instance when they won’t have what you wish to play.

Choose your Stakes

Playing at a traditional casino for the sake of enjoyment can sometimes leave people feeling a bit down or even embarrassed. Because casinos are trying to make as much money as possible, and factoring in the space element, limits can be set on table games for example. So, if you just go for a social game of poker, and find the entry too high, you have a problem straight away.

Online casinos realize this and have made their games as accessible as possible to normal punters who are just trying to pass the time by having a little fun. While games with big limits are still available online, small-stakes players are made feel just as welcome here. Their money over time is just as important to the casino’s long-term financial standing.


The online world is a large place, with plenty of options available for people in how they wish to spend their time. Huge numbers of Indians have chosen to take part in gambling online, as there are many forms of entertainment involved, as well as a chance to win big!

Indians are sports mad, with cricket being their game of choice. Other sports and games, both common and traditional, can all be found online meaning everything they like to play can be found in one place. The fact that these sites can be accessed with ease from any location only makes them more appealing to Indians.

Special offers entice Indians onto these sites and continue once they’re on board to keep them playing. Not many are left disappointed by the staggering range of games available to choose from, and because they welcome all players regardless of their wallet or stake size, players can relax and enjoy their love of gambling without feeling uncomfortable.